Develop the knowledge and understanding you need to conquer uncertainty and discover the opportunities amid the chaos.

What is the “Forge Your FUTURE Masterclass”?

I've spent years helping governments and organisations across the globe to prepare for their future by bringing together the latest research in human psychology and futurism. 


And now, I want to share that knowledge with you, and empower you to take control and break the behaviours and patterns that are holding you back - starting with this class.


The Forge Your FUTURE Masterclass is a transformative week of collaboration and learning, backed by online instruction and training delivered through the School of Modern Wisdom.

"..the positive feedback has been overwhelming.
You have definitely inspired! ."

The Forge Your Future Masterclass will empower You To:

  • Find community

    Collaborate in a safe, live environment with me and a small group of like-minded people.

  • Expand Your Potential

    We start by understanding your inner dialogue, and opening up your perspective by equipping you with the techniques needed to look ahead with courage, and hope. This shift will help you recognise the opportunities change brings, and inspire you to seek out what excites you most.

  • Understand the Future of Work

    Understand the Future of Work

    You will learn to embrace your unique skills and explore how they will fit into a new way of working in the future - an essential step in confronting the abundant change around us.

  • Embrace the Future

    Many people are extremely anxious about the future, but with the right knowledge, you will see that the future is yours to claim. Together, we will explore how the technology and ideas changing our world will help you thrive. 

  • Free Your Thinking

    Outer growth always follows inner growth. We will explore  and overcome limiting beliefs and restrictive patterns in your life, and work through ways to eliminate them so that you gain a new perspective.

  • Understand the Future of Business

    Learn from my hours of research and collaboration in this field as we analyse new models and changing consumer trends to understand their impact on our current market, and what that means for our evolving economy. 

"You have added great value and insights to our people, who needed that positive message. Keep on inspiring and keep on doing the great work that you do in uplifting communities and making the world a better place."

Forge Your Future LIVE

Collaborate - Share - Support

5 live 90-minute group sessions with me.

 5 days closer to forging your new future.

You will get:

  • 5 Live 90-Minute Group Sessions with Me  (value $30,000)

    Join me live as we explore all things Future. In 5 daily calls we will cover the modules above, amplified with enriching breakout sessions, discussions and things to take work on.

  • Transformative exercises

    Commit to an intensive, immersive week of radical and long-lasting change exercises designed to equip you with new knowledge and upgrade your perspective.

  • Call Recordings 

    All calls will be recorded, and presentation materials will be supplied and supplemented with BONUS exercises for you to do in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

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