A course designed to help you equip your children with the skills that they'll need to access their creativity and thrive in our post-pandemic economy


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What is the “Building FUTURE SUPERHUMANS Masterclass”

I've spent years engaging global governments and organisations, and helped them to prepare the perspectives they need to thrive in the future, and recently I realised that most parents share the same concerns about what lies ahead.


Every parent wants to equip their children with the skills and strength to succeed, but it's not clear how best to do that when everything around us is constantly changing - often so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up.


The sheer speed of our lives and the uncertainty ahead prompts most parents to ask the same question:  "What should my child study?". 


This transformative week is about answering that question by giving you the tools that you need to prepare your child for a happy, healthy, successful future, today - which starts with understanding that studying "the right thing" isn't sufficient.


The Build Future Superhumans Masterclass
will help you to :


    Identify your child's unique Zone of Genius: Every child is different, and this course will help you identify the interests and skills that should be explored and expanded.


    Give your child the necessary skills to thrive in the post pandemic future: The days of studying to succeed are over; we'll help you understand what your child needs to set themselves apart in an era of abundance.

  • Help you understand the importance of curiosity: Curiosity is absolutely critical in building a future-proof skillset. Together, we will make the distinction between passing interest and genuine passion.


  • Clarify your role as inspiration and instructor: Together, we will frame up your evolving role as your learn how to inspire and excite your children to explore their interest and express themselves. 


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